Nom Nom

photo 4 (6)

As CJ approaches 15 months, he’s around the age when he’s supposed to begin to handle a utensil. So we’ve been coaching him by starting off with a spoon. We would place some food in his spoon and then hand it off to him while we’re still holding the edge of the handle to make sure he doesn’t drop any food. CJ took pretty quickly to this motion and loves feeding himself.

photo 3 (8)

But sometimes he gets frustrated by not being able to feed himself entirely, so we moved on to a fork in which we stick a piece of food onto the fork and just give it to CJ to put into his mouth. Initially he did very well, and it’ll take some time for him to learn to stab food that’s in front of him, but now he just wants to pull off the piece of food from the fork and play with it. Perhaps I should get him a spork from school…lol! Maybe!

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