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Over the past week or so, I’ve had dimsum a few times and we always end it with coconut jello dessert. We like it so much that sometimes we order an extra serving to take home with us. I’ve researched where I can purchase the jello mix, but apparently the coconut flavor is quite rare here in the U.S.

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Well, today after work I got the idea of possibly checking out the local Chinese supermarket which sort of makes sense since I’ve only tasted such a delight at a Chinese restaurant. I went in thinking that they wouldn’t have it, but surprisingly they did. I also picked up one of my all time favorite Asian snacks, these small sweet cookie balls. I don’t know how else to describe it, but they’re really tasty.

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So after I got home and played with CJ for a while, I was able to get myself into the kitchen Β and quickly mix, boil, and cool the jello. We didn’t have whole milk as we only have 1% fat free milk, so I think my batch wasn’t as sweet and a bit too clear as what the restaurants serve, but it’s still good and better than not having any. Next time I’ll use whole milk and add some sugar.

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10 Responses to Dofu?

  1. Janina says:

    Asian grocery stores to the rescue of us ABCs! I am partial to the almond jello mixes myself.

    Also, 1% milk = 1% fat by weight, so it’s not low fat but not fat-free. Fat-free is also called nonfat or skim, the blue cartons. πŸ™‚ In any case, your plan for whole milk next time is a good one. Ooooh or what about coconut milk? Trader Joe’s sells 16 oz cans of low fat coconut milk. Now that I think about it, I bet the restaurants use something pretty darn fatty: half and half? Light cream like what they put in milk tea at the bakeries?

    • msuhu says:

      I also purchased an almond jello packet too, but I’m saving that post for another time.

      Coconut milk! That makes sense…I will definitely add that during my next coconut jello craving.

  2. Carol says:

    Coconut milk is really fatty. I’ve never seen low fat coconut milk before.

    I always thought those sweet ball things were baby food…at least that’s what my mom fed us when we were babies and teething. It’s like the old-school version of those flower shaped munchy things babies have these days.

  3. Jenna says:

    Haha I agree with Carol! That was the first thought I had too when I saw the sweet ball things. They ARE delicious. They also sell them in mini individual packets for on-the-go! πŸ˜›

  4. Jenna says:

    Oh, I forgot to add that Melinda has a very good coconut jello recipe! She makes it often for the potlucks.

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