Villa Del Mar

photo (10)

On sort of a whim, we’ve decided that we’ll be vacationing at Turks & Caicos. When? I rather not say in such a public domain as I don’t desire our home to be robbed while enjoying the warm sun and clear blue ocean.

But back to the subject at hand, it wasn’t because of some great deal or vacation package, but for the reason of needing a break from our jobs and from this cold winter. Our original plan was to travel to California and meet a friend in San Francisco, but since we vacationed there three years ago we figured we could bring CJ to San Diego for a few days and then head up north and spend time with our friend during the later half of our vacation. We thought about this long and hard and realized it’d be really difficult to travel all around California with CJ, especially with renting a car and needing a car seat. So instead we opted for a hot island nation. And we figured since both of us have never traveled anywhere remotely south of Florida, we’d rather as well visit the best island, or what our friends tell us is the best, this small British Isle.

Of course we can’t do much with CJ as it won’t be much fun scuba diving while the other watches him, but I think we’ll be content just relaxing on the beach and enjoying the slow and monotonous pace. Hopefully CJ will enjoy his time just as much and won’t be fearful of the sand or water, but he loves bath time so I don’t think it’ll be an issue. And a family at church was generous to allow us to borrow a pool chair float for him to use in the pool at the resort. Perhaps we should test it out first with him in our bathtub? LOL!

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