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Today I went to a superintendent suspension hearing in which a student forcefully bumped into me in the hallway last week. This was the second occurrence, the first in which the student turned his body sideways so that his book bag purposefully hit me as I walked past him in the hallway, which makes it more than coincidental and therefore bullying and assault upon a teacher. He was in my geometry class earlier this year, but after being extremely confrontational with me in the classroom and program office, we transferred him out of my class and so I believed all was done and behind me. Apparently I was wrong as he saw fit to deceptively, albeit in a glaringly obvious and overt manner, push me around in the hallway twice in the forthcoming months.

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This was the first time that I had to raise my right hand, swear under oath, and testify. It was me, my school’s head dean, the student, his older brother, and the Department of Education attorney who was presiding over the proceeding. We were all simply in an office with a long table, both parties sitting on opposite sides with the attorney at the head with her notepad and digital recorder. I was quite nervous as I felt like I was being interviewed by a panel. The attorney first asked me questions, then the older brother, and then my school’s head dean. I did my best to convey that it was this particular student who forcefully bumped into me and that it was not accidental by proving motive based upon prior incidences involving him and myself.

All week I was praying for wisdom and integrity so that I wouldn’t embellish the truth, and I think I did well in presenting my case, but I won’t hear about the judgement until next Wednesday after my four-day President’s weekend break.

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3 Responses to Soups

  1. Carol says:

    Sounds awful to have to face the kid in such a close setting. I hope justice prevails.

    • msuhu says:

      Seriously…I only glanced at him once or twice and while speaking I didn’t look in his direction at all. I think my next post will center around the aftermath.

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