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A couple of Saturday’s ago the wife was able to get Saturday off from work, so we just had to go out and do something as a family. It was a cold day so we looked to do something indoors. Now, with a recent one-year old there really isn’t much to do, and we know that the Long Island Children’s Museum, or any museum, is geared for humans that are a little bit older, but we had no other place to go to so we went anyway.

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Although relatively small, the layout of the “exhibits” are pretty spacious and nicely laid out. We initially went for the bubbles and playhouse, but they were both crowded.

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So we went upstairs and headed for the wooden blocks. CJ loves to play with and lift heavy objects, and he played with the blocks for a good amount of time, but he was a bit timid from the other kids around him.

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We then went to another play house which was less crowded than the first and CJ enjoyed babbling with an elderly woman and playing in the geriatrics bathtub.

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CJ also liked this weird neon water light that was a bit out of place in the play house.

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We then ventured into the sound room with all of these different percussion instruments and we thought CJ would like this too with all of the sticks and banging, but alas, he was only semi-interested because the drums were too high for him.

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We finally returned to the first floor playhouse that was more for toddlers and this is where CJ had the most fun.

photo 3 (2)

He liked the cardboard blocks…

photo 4 (1)

But he was in his element with the play food. So much so that he tried eating them.

photo 5 (1)

But in the end CJ just wanted his mommy to read to him. Perhaps we should have just went to Barnes & Noble on Austin Street. But overall it was a pretty good day. We did well for 2.5 hours with a one-year old at a “museum”, and coupled with some shopping at The Container Store and Trader Joe’s (despite a speedy return home), it was an enjoyable family day.

We shall return next year.


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