Happy 24th Birthday, SISTER!

029 (Small)

This is a little bit late, and I didn’t forget, but I accidentally had scheduled the wrong post for last Friday. But in any case, my favorite sister’s birthday was last Friday. She’s been very supportive in helping us plan and execute some of our social gatherings such as CJ’s one year birthday party last month. I’m not sure where she gets it, but her creativity and artistic talent is beautiful and lovely. She’s put together some amazing signs, tasty party favors, and has helped us out in numerous ways for Caleb to cherish his young life.

Thanks sister, we love you.

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3 Responses to Happy 24th Birthday, SISTER!

  1. Jenna says:

    Happy birthday, Kristen! 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    Kristen is such a good aunt.

    I remember the first time I met her because of her funny wedding shower present that she gave you guys. Air freshener. 🙂

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