Strike Freedom (Slavery) Gundam

photo (2)

So I recently finished my 1/100 Master Grade Strike Freedom Gundam, fully painted and assembled with panel lining and decals. I started this project towards the end of my summer vacation some time in late August. I knew I wasn’t going to finish by the time school arrived, but I didn’t think I’d be so busy as to leave it collecting dust. I think I fully cut out all the pieces and primed them, but I wasn’t able to fully paint them until my time off during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in late October.  And then I didn’t come back to it until after Christmas, and CJ’s birthday party sort of slowed me down as well. But I fell into a groove at work recently, so I had some time late at nights to finally finish this guy up.

I’m actually surprised that I’ve been able to complete three gundam models over the course of 8 months. I went on a gundam blitz way back in college, but painting and building them became too tedious, and so I dropped the hobby and didn’t pick it back up until last year. It’s weird as I’m essentially paying money for pieces of an action figure that requires work for assembly. But that’s really where the value comes from as it becomes my own personal figure that is absolutely unique and customized by me. The time put into building the model creates an affinity with the builder/owner that is quite a different experience from most pre-assembled action figures, one that comes with a sense of accomplishment and pride as it’s not always easy to build gundams.

And I’ve become a bit addictive that I really don’t game that much anymore. I remember only playing a military shooter, a space sci-fi game, and a short zombie game last year. Three. That’s a huge regression from my past tendencies. Yes, I have much less time now with CJ around, but part of me would rather build a gundam than play video games. Weird.

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