Happy Birthday, Son!

IMG_3875 (Small)

So it looks like every New Year’s Eve will be a big day for us as it’s CJ’s actual birthday. Because of his wheat and egg allergies, the wife had the brilliant idea of seeking out a gluton and egg free bakery in the city. Thankfully such establishments exist as the owner of BabyCakes NYC in the Lower Eastside right off of the Williamsburg Bridge has the same allergies as our son, so everything in the bakery is vegan. We raced downtown and picked up a small chocolate and banana cupcake, banana bread, and a few other goodies for CJ to enjoy.

IMG_3877 (Small)

On our way back, we stopped by Luke’s lobster which was pretty close on 7th between 1st and Ave A and picked up a roll for home.

536 (Small)

After singing happy birthday with a #1 candle on the cupcake, we gave CJ his first taste of sweets and bread. We were so happy for him as we know he’ll eat practically anything and this will certainly leave him hive free.

542 (Small)

Well, he didn’t like it. Not at all. So much so he kept spitting it out. We suppose he just wasn’t used to such sweets and bread texture. So sad. We had so much riding on this. At least he didn’t break out. It’s okay, we’ll try again perhaps in the Spring or Summer when he develops a keener sense of taste. In any case, happy birthday, Son! Mommy and Daddy love you 🙂

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6 Responses to Happy Birthday, Son!

  1. Janina says:

    Gluten free, maybe? 🙂 Though a glutton-free bakery is a good thing, too. Don’t want people teaching CJ how to stuff his face with sweets that he doesn’t even like to eat.

  2. Jenna Lee says:

    he didn’t like CAKE? :O it’s okay… healthy is the way to go!

  3. Maresness says:

    well… the first time we gave emily cupcakes she spit it out too – we even gave it to her w/ frosting and everything -boggled my mind. anyway, but trust me.. they quickly realize that it’s the good stuff and will be begging for more soon enough 🙂

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