photo (83)

The above is my best effort at the failed attempt of trying to capture CJ walking across the living room with my iphone’s panorama camera feature. It actually looks artistically grotesque in light of the sick Human Centipede films.

In any case, CJ has made drastic improvement over the course of one week in his ability to balance and walk by himself. After Thanksgiving, my uncle bought CJ that yellow Fisher-Price rolling walker that you see in the background which basically gave CJ the strength, muscle memory, and confidence to walk on his own in a matter of days thereafter. The wife and I were stunned at how he quickly transitioned from taking a few wobbly steps to being able to walk relatively long distances, adjust for obstacles, make turns, and squat and stand up straight in such a short amount of time. We know CJ is a very strong and determined kid, but this completely blew us away to the point that we’re contemplating if we’re inadvertently holding him back in any developmental way.

Aside from walking more steadily, running, manipulating objects with his hands, and riding a bike, I don’t think there’s much left for us to physically teach CJ, so now we’ll focus on communication, speech, and literacy skills which CJ has already embraced with his observant and alert nature, for he already understands over a handful of words, can sign for “more”, and has recently been trying to say “hi” and “mama”. This kid is amazing. I can’t wait for him to get a hold of algebra and conquer the world.

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