My Sandy Hook Reaction


What happened on December 14th was simply horrible and unspeakable. Not to say that previous school and public shooting massacres were less tragic, but what makes this gut-wrenchingly evil was that the victims were small and helpless children who had no idea what was happening and did not have the ability to defend themselves or even the courage to run away (although one boy did). This was just sad.

Now there’s a renewed and stronger interest in stricter gun laws and the call for parents, especially fathers, to become more involved, pro-active, and nurturing in the lives of their children. I completely agree with all of that, but I think we also need to take it a step further and look at the heart of the matter of why these young adult males are committing such heinousness acts against innocent and mostly random people. From what I’ve read, many motives for these shootings are based upon the need for power and revenge while feeling despondent, abandoned, and suicidal. It goes to show that there are numerous people in this country and world who, when examined, simply want to be loved and want to believe that they will be okay. Sadly, there are some who feel compelled to act on their desperation and turn to violence thinking that such is the answer to all of life’s happenings.

If this is so, then this speaks true to the broken and hurting, all kinds of people, namely everyone, who are in real need of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For it’s in what He’s accomplished on the cross that shows us how much we’re infinitely accepted, loved and cherished by God no matter what we’ve done to deserve otherwise. I believe that if these young men all truly believed and embraced Jesus Christ and his forgiveness and identity, and truly understood who God is and how much he does love us no matter what we’ve done and no matter how much it may seem like He doesn’t love us, then these horrible atrocities, many atrocities in this world, would not have happened. For when people accept and love Jesus, their identity is changed, so much so that these murderers would be forgiven and not be labeled as such by God, but true righteous children of God. These young men would not have looked to murder and suicide as the answer, but to Jesus as their savior.

In regards to the educators, especially to those six, I must say that their bravery and sacrifice is stuff made out of legends. I would like to think that if such were to happen to my school, that I’d be so brave as to protect and shield my students as well. I’ve thought, and continue to think, about various scenarios and plans and contingencies that I could carry out in my classroom during a lockdown, but I can only hope that the Lord gives me the courage and strength to protect those that I’ve silently sworn to protect while they’re in my care.

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