Cars & Prayer Meetings

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Last Friday was the first couples/family King’s Cross community group meeting that was held at our place. One of our biggest concerns and causes for hesitation in joining the church plant earlier this year was the lack of other parents that we could relate to and draw advice from. But thankfully we finally got the ball rolling by having the husbands and wives alternate each week so that the other spouse can stay at home with the kid(s), thus allowing some type of regular community for us parents. What was unanticipated, but nice nonetheless, was the gathering of men together and talking over such common brotherhood, for I hadn’t experienced such community in over a year before CJ was born, and it was quite refreshing.  Although it seems that it’ll be a more dynamic and flexible group, I have high hopes as it’s composed of a great contingent of men and women and I foresee me and my family readily learning and experiencing the gospel from our accountability.

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2 Responses to Cars & Prayer Meetings

  1. carol says:

    I was happy for you guys when I heard the good news of this CG. Glad to know you are enjoying fellowship with fellow dads.

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