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Two weekends ago I had the honor of being my friend’s co-best man. Things came around full circle as he was my best man, so it was great to take part in Tim and Tina’s wedding.

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Saturday’s rehearsal was at OCM in Chinatown. I hadn’t visited the church in nearly a decade, and although they had done a ton of renovations to build either a larger sanctuary or a second one, I wasn’t able to wander around and have a look see.

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In the midst of all this, the streets were packed as the Chinatown Revive street fair was happening as a way for store fronts to make some business back from the losses caused by Hurricane Sandy with $1-2 samplings ranging from dumplings to peking duck rolls.

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Tim and Tina treated the wedding participants to dim-sim at the original Ping’s Seafood Restaurant on Mott St. which was surprisingly very clean, modern, and enjoyable.

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The next morning I picked up Tim in Chinatown and we drove up to Studio 450 at West 31st.

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Their wedding was on the top floor which had access to a beautiful outdoor rooftop patio and surround.

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I normally don’t care much for outdoor weddings, but the view was simply amazing.

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Initially, I didn’t think much of the venue either, but after witnessing it transform into a wedding hall, I could tell this was something special.

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Just by all of the people that were there to help set up, I knew this was going to be a very intimate and much anticipated wedding for all.

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My Men’s Warehouse tux rental with the best man magnetic flower. I was very skeptical that I’d look decent as I’ve had a terrible experience with Men’s Warehouse, but thankfully they came through this time.

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As one of the best men, other than be there for moral support, I really didn’t do much or have any other major responsibilities aside from holding the two rings and giving my toast during the dinner. Nonetheless, that coupled with the fact that the other best man was also giving a speech after me, the pressure was certainly on. I was extremely anxious for it felt like I was taking a final exam, and so I embarrassingly stuttered and was an obvious nervous wreck in front of everyone as I gave my toast. I was bashing myself as I should have spent more time and thought into my words, for the other three speeches were funnier and more personal than mine, and so I was feeling pretty deflated by the end of the night. And this wasn’t the first time I had made a best man speech, but in any case, it was an honor to be Tim’s best man and I know he and Tina appreciate my and my wife’s friendship, as we do theirs.

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The wife and I tried our best to capture the beauty of our surroundings, but to no avail. One of the groomsman has a party/wedding photo booth business, and so we were able to take a few good photos together, but unfortunately I had left them in my inside jacket pocket and forgot to retrieve them before returning the tuxedo rental.

photo 3 (40)

The dessert was excellent, one of the best I’ve had at a reception. Tim and Tina both love their sweets, especially ice-cream, so one of the night’s choices was an ice-cream sandwich in which the wife and I chose to sample spicy chocolate ice-cream. Wow! I’ve never had anything like it, for it’s initially sweet like any other chocolate ice-cream, but then a second later the spicy-cinnamon taste starts erupting and kicking your taste buds. It was like a love/hate relationship. The spiciness was killing me, but I just couldn’t stop.

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My wife had to leave early to relieve her mother of baby-sitting duties and I was tasked with driving the newlyweds home to their new abode in Rego Park, in our new CR-V, thankfully. That would have been another disaster if I had driven them home in our 2005 Honda Civic, but I’m glad I didn’t screw that up. In the end, it was a great night of celebration and fun as I finally got to witness my good friend, Tim, getting married to a wonderful woman, and also moving out to Queens. I’m so happy the two of them. Cheers!

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