ASUS x401a

This is my major black friday haul that I hunted for to replace my dying netbook that I use everyday at school. I wanted a laptop that’s a bit larger that wouldn’t hamper my typing, powerful enough that wouldn’t be considered a dinosaur, but also light enough to carry around with me while being less than $300. Surprisingly, this 15″ dual-core pentium ASUS x401a was going to sell for $249 as a Best Buy doorbuster. Although I failed miserably on a 3-hour line in the cold, I hit a home run online. How it was listed as sold out and then in stock hours later is beyond me, but I was able to pick it up that night.

My original plan was to visit Best Buy the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to test out the laptop and to ask around if this was going to be a ticketed item, but I was too lazy. So I had no idea how this would really look or feel, but thankfully it’s pretty sleek and shiny.

The keyboard is definitely more spacious than my netbook, and the touchpad is amazing as it’s one entire button in which I’m able to click and highlight and drag objects with just one finger.

It also comes with Windows 8 in which I couldn’t care less about as I’ve heard mixed reviews. It functions as if the programs are apps which is interesting, but it doesn’t serve my teaching purposes as does its regular Windows counterpart, which thankfully does exist. In the end it’s a new and shiny $249 (+$20 tax) laptop. Can’t really complain and go wrong with this.

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