Three Words

There are at least three words that CJ understands at 10.5 months of age.

He’s certainly known his name for quite a while now. Whenever we call out to him, most of the time he’ll lift up his head to look our way or turn around and crawl to us. We find it hilarious when others try to get his attention by calling him CJ and find that he completely ignores them. We call him by his first name and use CJ as his public name, so he’s probably wondering who they’re talking to when people call him CJ.

I try not to use the word “no”, but it’s just so convenient and it makes sense. What am I supposed to say, “don’t”? “stop”? Although “no” is very negative, it gets the job done. For instance, when I see CJ chewing on a sock I’ll tell him no and I’ll get one of three possible responses. He either wasn’t listening, chooses to ignore me, or drops the sock, blinks his eyes, which is quite a rare feat in itself if you know him well enough. and then begins to pout or cry for a brief moment. The last scenario isn’t normal, but it definitely shows that he understands the word and the command behind it. I’m just biding my time until he says it back to me, then we’ll really have some words together.

And surprisingly, CJ understands the word “sit”. Yes, I know, quite random, but it originates from when I give him a bath and because he’s so alert and active, sometimes he just wants to stand up in his toddler bathtub and start rubbing water all over the edge of the tub. Of course, this is quite dangerous as he can slip and hurt himself, so whenever he stands up I tell him to sit. Only this week did I begin to realize that half the time he may actually follow the command and really sit. I suppose I kept saying it so frequently while I held him with one hand and used my other to bend his knees so that he’d sit that he actually began to understand its meaning. This was certainly unintentional, but it works out well enough for his safety.

He’s able to clearly say da-da and mum-mum, but he doesn’t have any coherent reference to such phrases, for my wife, mother-in-law, and myself are all da-da to him.

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5 Responses to Three Words

  1. carol says:

    LOVE the pic! So many books–what great parents!

    Stop is a good alternative to no. I had to practice using it when I was working with children with autism and it gets easier the more you do it.

    • msuhu says:

      wow…thanks for the tip. I’m more accustomed to saying stop in mid-conversation to others who are really annoying me right before I walk away from them. I will try this šŸ™‚

  2. Janina says:

    I guess you can tell who has a real-life vs. mostly-online relationship with you guys by how they refer to CJ. šŸ™‚ I’ll make sure my husband knows the name thing by whenever we next see you guys.

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