I’m not a Bond fan simply because its origin is from a time before mine. In terms of spy and action films, my generation grew up with the Schwarzeneggers,  Stallones, and Van Dammes of the 80’s along with the Mission Impossible and Bourne films of the early 21st century. I would like to think that I’m a pretty knowledgeable cinephile, but I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m not too familiar with the Bond franchise outside of the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig iterations, and even those are lacking as I have no desire to rewatch any of them.

With that being said, I was willing to watch Skyfall not only because many were giving it very high praise, so much so that it was being hailed as possibly the best Bond film in decades, but more so because I simply wanted to watch an exciting, intelligent, and fun action film. Well, this wasn’t the case for the most part. I initially walked out with the notion that it’s a good Bond film and the best out of all three Daniel Craig’s 007 films, but with further thought and analysis, it was just okay. Perhaps I should have watched Could Atlas. Oh well. In any case, here we go:

Like all Bond and secret agent movies, there’s always an extended chase scene, and Skyfall’s opening act was not one to disappoint. It was pretty good and gave me hope for the rest of the story, but unfortunately it was downhill in terms of action and excitement. The story was not really crafty, but I’ll also say that it wasn’t simple either as there were a few scenes in question that had me thinking, but more so overthinking than not. The story did have substance as more of Bond’s supporting cast was called into play that rounded out the film a little better than normal, and I initially liked the villain, a Mr. Silva, who had a great twist with his name that allowed him to join the rest of the unique Bond rogues, but he unfortunately wasn’t given enough time to prove his lethalness and in the end fell from his air of invincibility quite quickly.

I enjoyed the film as it’s a good action film that pays a good amount of homage to its origins, but I wouldn’t pay full price nor buy the dvd. Based out of 10, I really don’t know what I’d give it. A 6? 4? Frankly, it doesn’t matter to me and I’m not adding it to my list of Favorite Recent Films. —–>

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