7 Things I learned From Hurricane Sandy

  1. Never underestimate the power of nature. I don’t think I need to expand on this in light of the death and devastation that Hurricane Sandy has caused.
  2. Electricity, food/water, and gas are gold. This I knew already, but to see it become reality is a bit scary. We were blessed to not have our electricity short out, and commerce was still able to operate so that we were blessed to not experience any food shortages, but we weren’t fortunate to have a steady flow of gas come into our area.
  3. Always fill up one’s gas tank before an expected storm. Who could have foresaw that a few closed bridges and tunnels would lead to a gas shortage. I need to buy one of those orange gas canisters.
  4. If the city needs to evacuate and there isn’t enough time to feasibly get out of the city, head east into long island and not west where one would get bottlenecked at one of the east river crossings. I knew this already from experiencing traffic in the aftermath of the tornado of 2010 that ripped through Queens. If anything serious happens, I plan on either hunkering down at home or with a group of family and friends, or head out into long island away from the city and, if need be, take the ferry from the tip of the island into Massachusetts. Driving towards the city is suicide, and I’d probably end up abandoning my vehicle anyway.
  5. In times of need, family is key to survival. Thanks to my wife’s mom who came over everyday of the week, we were spoiled with great company and meals.
  6. I care more about not having to go to work than most other things. I remember I was feeling a bit mundane at church on Sunday, but when I discovered that school was canceled the next day I was jumping for joy. Sadly, I should have been focused on Jesus and worship, but instead I took my satisfaction from not having to serve my students.
  7. When it comes to helping others, I’m one of those who prefer to give material possessions in place of giving myself such as my time and energy. Last week I used the excuse that I didn’t have enough gas to spare to drive out and help at the various shelters and evacuations centers. A valid excuse, but I’m sure I could have found the time and means to help, such as ask a friend for a ride. I also justified my absence by having to take care of CJ, but again, I could have asked my mother in-law to free me to go and help those in need.
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