Coincidentally, a fly decided to invade my home, and since my venus fly trap is relatively small and seemingly unable to attract the fly, I decided to capture it myself and feed it to my carnivorous plant. And so with a variety of weapons, I was finally successful in apprehending my prey with the plastic cup technique. Initially I failed miserably, but since I knew that my plant used some type of hormone to attract flies, once I spotted the fly on a wall, I took my plant and held it near the fly so that it would be distracted while I trapped it with the cup. I then proceeded to move the cup over to the edge of the wall and slowly slide it onto a box. I then taped it down which sealed its fate.

In order to get the fly into the fly trap’s mouth while preventing it from flying or crawling away, I shook the box with the plastic cup still taped to it for a total of five minutes. I wanted to somehow maim it, but keep it alive because like most animals, the venus fly trap also prefers live prey that won’t rot as quickly as the dead.

I shook it pretty violently, being able to feel and hear the fly bounce around the sealed cup. It just wouldn’t stop moving. After a while, I think I ended up killing it. Oh well. So I untaped the cup, poured the dead fly into the trap’s mouth, and then used a toothpick to simulate movement so that the trap’s bristles in its mouth would trigger it shut. It worked. I just hope my plant is able to extract enough nutrients before it begins to hibernate any day now. Good boy.

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One Response to Joel

  1. Jenna says:

    Poor fly 😦 But I guess it’s the circle of life!

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