50lb Burger!

On Saturday I attended my good friend, Tim L’s, bachelor party in the Poconos and we treated him to a 50 pound hamburger. 25 pounds of meat and 25 pounds of bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

The thing was truly massive, and quite costly as well.

There were eight of us and we all knew we were way over ourselves, but this was a once in a lifetime ordeal that no man can pass up. Who does this more than once?

Of course it was simply a huge load of meatloaf sandwiched between two loaves of bread. It was just impossible to eat with one’s hands, so we all had to use our utensils. I started from the vertex of my slice and ate my way through. It wasn’t that bad, nicely cooked and a decent meal with fries. But I was constantly dousing it with ketchup and pepper so as to keep my tastebuds fresh.

In the end no one finished their slice, I ate about 3/5’s of mine, but we did pretty well for only eight Asian guys. Unfortunately, the rest was a waste of money as we knew we weren’t going to do anything with the leftovers. That’s one more thing I can finally cross off my bucket list.

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