What To Wear?

I can’t believe that I’ve been stressing about what CJ should wear for Halloween. Or more precisely, for LFCC’s annual Harvest Day Festival in lieu of trick or treating. Every Sunday after service before Halloween, we transform the large ballroom (we rent in a Jewish Synagogue) into a fun carnival area filled with various game stations and prize booths for all ages of kids. Each community group is tasked with creating their own game or activity for kids to play and win prizes. It’s just a safe environment that lends itself to being a great time for kids and their parents to cycle around the different activities and enjoy themselves with free carnival food. This is certainly one of my favorite LFCC events of the year as it’s also a great time for the community groups and the entire church to come together and provide something fun for the community to relax and enjoy themselves.

Most of the kids come decked out in their Halloween costumes, and babies and toddlers are no exception either. We know CJ will look cute in practically anything we dress him up as, but we don’t want an outfit that’s too expensive or uncomfortable as it can get very hot in the ballroom with everyone running around, but neither do we want something cheap or embarrassing.

So the wife and I have been occasionally shopping around for something cute and appropriate for CJ to wear. We’ve looked at cute animal costumes, a variety of character hats, and of course we even tinkered with the idea of having him wear his Batman PJ’s outfit with a cape. But none of these really fit what we’re looking for. Nonetheless, we found something online, but if you want to see it you’re going to have to check back on 10/29 for its after party reveal.

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4 Responses to What To Wear?

  1. How exciting. Can’t wait to see!

  2. glors says:

    omg! all these pics are super cute!!!

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