Pee-Pee Boy

So my son has finally done it…he shot me point blank and scored. Occasionally he’d turn on the pee-pee fountain while having his diaper changed, but that would simply result in wetting himself and not I. Today though, I was carrying CJ naked to the bathroom to give him his bath when I felt something warm and then wet against stomach. I pulled him away from me to see what was happening and I notice a yellow stream connecting his little wee-wee to my shirt which was then dripping down my shorts, leg, feet, and onto the bathroom floor. I began to scream/laugh and closed my eyes hoping that he’d stop, but apparently CJ had a full tank as my eyes stayed closed for quite a while. I should have put him down and into the tub, but I was in total shock and distress. I was soaked in urine. Well, at least he held out for 8+ months.

Touché, son.

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2 Responses to Pee-Pee Boy

  1. Alyssa says:

    Yes! Your readers do exist 🙂 We enjoy your writing.

    – The Representative

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