Friday Night: Inca Pollo

^Celebratory “end of first week of teaching” dinner meal. I love Inca Pollo on Queens Blvd. Hands down, this is the best meal money can buy. For $22 + tax and perhaps tip, one can get a whole chicken cut into quarters, salchipapas (french fries with sliced hot dog), fried plantains, yellow rice, and salad. It’s a hearty meal and certainly satisfying for a party of four. Quite superior compared to Boston Market. Highly recommended.

This was not an ideal first week of school, but still good nonetheless. I have quite the school year ahead of me with a ton of geometry lesson planning coupled more learning to do as I have inherited the role of assistant to the program chairman, or assistant program chair. Sounds spiffy, and it is, but there’s a lot I don’t know about programming. It’s so much more than adding and dropping classes. In any case, that’s three consecutive years of promotions: dean, data coordinator, and now the assistant program chair. I wonder what I’ll be next year…AP of data and security? LOL!

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