Happy Baby

I’m sad to say that CJ caught a cold from his daddy. After last Saturday’s softball tournament, my exhausted body must have caught a cold and it became apparent on Monday with a runny and sneezing nose. I got over it in a day, but my son’s nose started dripping on Thursday and he developed a fever on Friday. Thankfully, after giving him some baby tylenol (no, we’re not against using medicine), that didn’t last long and he was better on Saturday. However, his congestion built up yesterday and now he has quite a bit of phlegm with some hoarseness and wheezing.

Throughout all this, I’ve been feeling so bad and responsible for not being thoughtful and cautious with my minor cold. I should have quarantined myself or worn a mask. I really didn’t think much of it, but of course CJ’s immune system is new and developing with no reference for any bodily attack, so my small cold isn’t so small in CJ’s little body.

Nonetheless, throughout this entire ordeal CJ continues to act as his old self. He hasn’t shown any change in behavior and remains to be as active and happy as ever. He probably doesn’t even realize he’s sick. Although he’s had a difficult time sleeping with his mucus swishing from side to side as he adjusts sleeping positions throughout the night, CJ has been great and is definitely in better spirits than his parents.

In all this, we’re thankful for the Lord’s provision in keeping our son relatively healthy as he fights through this while calling us to be prayerful, as well as supportive of each other.

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