Buzz Lightyear

In my formative years, I was never into tools. I loved building stuff with legos, constructs, and gundams, but I think Tim the Tool Man from Home Improvement back in the 90’s completely turned me off with all the unnecessary power and foolishness that were associated with power tools. However, upon being a homeowner, one will inevitably come face to face with the usefulness and aid that power tools provide.

From time to time I’ve researched on and off which cordless drill I’d want, keeping my eyes open for any good deals, but nothing has every caught my attention in terms of price and functionality. Practically, I only need a drill to install floating shelves, curtain rods, and  AC units, which I’ve already done all three with my dad’s drill. So me buying a drill at this time would not be wise as I don’t have many projects I can possibly use it for. Nonetheless, a cheap, but decent drill is good to have around the home.

I recently purchased a new monitor because my old Acer one simply died on me. It a good one, so much so that I tried my best to revive it. I opened it up and fiddled with a few wires, but it was beyond my technical scope. I researched and found something involving resoldering a few components, but I wasn’t going to go out and buy a soldering iron for a fix that I wasn’t sure was going to work. So instead, I bit the bullet and purchased a new 24″ Asus monitor. I got it on for an excellent price with a rebate. Unknowingly though, the beast is huge. I need some space on my desk for me to do my school work, so I figured that perhaps I can wall mount my new monitor.  Well, to do that I’d need a drill and this is what led me to buy the Black & Decker LDX112C. Now, I know it’s not the best name brand, but I wanted to stick to a $50 budget that could get me not only a drill, but also a battery and charger, for not every set comes with such. This particular model does, and it has a lithium battery which holds a charge for a much longer time than a regular NiCAD battery that can die in a year or two. It also has an LED light that turns on when adding pressure to the trigger, and it’s really lightweight and comfortable.

I also went after this model because Sears had it on sale for $42.99, a few dollars cheaper than Amazon. Sears was selling it for $49.99 at their store in Rego Park, but they were kind enough to price match the item with my print out. Slick, I say.

I used it to mount my monitor and and a thin floating shelf. I must say I am quite pleased with this drill as the torque is more powerful than expected from such a small tool. And although it’s a relatively cheap brand, it’s received excellent reviews and is considered a good buy for a consumer on a budget.

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