North States

CJ has grown so much over the past few weeks. Instead of writing it all out, I’m simply just going to list his newest achievements and personal impact.

  • His crawling is becoming more precise, stronger, and faster. By more precise, I mean he’s crawling as one should crawl by alternating his arms and legs and not using his face or just his arms or legs to push forward.
  • With the development of his crawling, his legs are becoming even more powerful as he’s now able to lift himself up to a standing position next to furniture while holding onto something strong and stationary to balance himself.

  • And as you noticed, we’ve had to put up gates to prevent him from crawling into the kitchen or bathroom.We’re really impressed by North States’ Easy Close Gate. It’s made out metal, no tools needed to assemble, pressure mounted as opposed to drilling, fully adjustable width, and opens, closes, and locks securely. We bought two on Amazon for about $35 and we already ordered a third one to block off the hallway leading to the apartment door. Highly recommended.
  • He’s grown a love for all things paper. Give him a piece of paper and he’ll move it from hand to hand and analyze and play with it. Quite remarkable considering paper’s simplicity and commonality.
  • Lastly, CJ has begun to fall asleep on his own without us having to carry and rock him to sleep. This is huge. It alleviates us having to use the ergo carrier and strap him to us while bouncing up and down an infinite amount of times before he falls asleep. I don’t think we really planned on sleep training him because I think it came about of just being too tired to bounce him to sleep. So we started this with CJ last week and he’s progressively gotten better, needing less and less time to expend his energy, cry out, and find a comfortable position to fall asleep in.

He’s growing so big now and pretty soon he’ll be walking all over the place.

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