Knife > Paper

A while back, we purchased a long wrapping paper container from The Container Store. However, a few of our wrapping paper rolls were too long for the container and so it went unused. Well, fast forward to this past Saturday and once we got home from The Container Store grand opening, the wife gets reinvigorated and breaks out kitchen sheers to chop off the ends of a few rolls so that they’d fit in the long plastic container that we got a few months back. She was doing pretty well until she met her match with this blue snowman roll. I brought over a knife and cutting board and tried to slice it like a watermelon, going straight down the center and then pulling down to cut off half of the roll. That didn’t work. I wasn’t about to be undone by a pile of paper, so I broke out my Bear Grylls knife and sliced away. It wasn’t simple, nor was it a clean cut, but trusty old Bear Grylls got the job done.

I didn’t think cutting wrapping paper would be its first use, but hey…it was a life saver.

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