Sunday Softball & Wings

So in preparation for the Living Faith Softball Tournament that’s in a few weeks, we finally got a chance to come out as a team for our second practice of the summer.

Most of the team was able to come out and play against Christian Testimony. Despite the heat, we all had a lot of fun since we hadn’t been out since the first Sunday of July. I think we won 13-11, or something like that. I’m delighted for our victory, but we still need more time to get into the swing of things. I had a double, but I also hit a high fly out with a few grounders. Not cool.

Afterwards, the wife wanted me to pick up dinner and requested Planet Wings. We had ordered from them for the first time last Thursday, and their food is decent, but I had a few issues with their service.

Since I refused to pay the $2.50 service charge + delivery tip, I decided to drive over and pick some up on my way home. Once I walked in, I actually saw the delivery guy who I gave a $0.10 tip. As I waited on line, ordered, and waited some more, I was constantly looking the other way, but thankfully he didn’t notice me. Again, I feel bad and should have tipped him, but it’s really Planet Wings’ fault.

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