Yesterday, we came home to find a bunch of these Planet Wings menus in front of our building. We’ve never heard of the franchise, but apparently they’re big upstate. This new one recently opened up in Rego Park on 63rd Drive where the McDonald’s used to be. I tried to order online, but I was led to an outsourced website that had a difficult time locating my address. So I ended up calling in my order, which was fine except that the guy on the other end of the line was a little inept in recording my information, for he was apparently annoyed at me for not being able to hear my address when I was practically yelling into my phone.

But that isn’t the best part. What really pissed me off was that I asked what the total was for the order and it was a few dollars more than what I calculated and the guy said they charge a $2.50 service charge. Who does that?! Well, places like Dominoes and Papa John’s do, but it’s still upsetting to get charged so much for a $17 order! So I used that to cut into the delivery guy’s tip which really wasn’t his fault. The delivery guy didn’t even know that, he said this was his first time. I told him to search for another job since more customers will do the same as I. In retrospect, I feel bad and should not have been such a jerk and taken it out on him, but the buyer has a right to decide whether he wants to tip or not and shouldn’t be forced to do so.

In any case, the food arrived swiftly and the wings weren’t that bad, but they weren’t special either. Sort of on par with Dominoes, Papa John’s, or BJ’s or Costco wings. And they were much smaller than normal wings. The fries were fries, nothing to rave or complain about.

In the end, Planet Wings’ business model, customer service, and serving portions were certainly lacking much. I definitely will not order from them, but perhaps if I’m in the neighborhood, I may walk in and order take out. I predict they’ll last a year or two at most.  I also wrote a review about them on Yelp, much of what I wrote here.

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3 Responses to $2.50?!

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  2. ajc79 says:

    I feel bad for the delivery guy. Did you know about the $2.50 delivery charge when placing the order, or only after he arrived at your door?

    • msuhu says:

      I didn’t know until I placed the order over the phone, so I had time to decide how much tip I was going to give, or the lack thereof, but I was still upset to have any sympathy for the delivery guy. I’m pretty notorious for my poor tipping.

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