Homeland is what 24 would look like in real life. All of the spying and espionage without the shooting, yelling, and deep breathing. However, instead of trying to simply stop a terrorist cell on US soil, Claire Danes’ CIA analyst character believes a POW, Damien Lewis from Band of Brothers, who had been missing for eight years but was recently found and brought home, has been turned and is now a terrorist. It’s quite interesting and fresh to see that the villain may in fact be an American marine soldier who has been labeled as a hero, but is really a tool used to strike at any given moment.

The premise is intriguing, but the show really doesn’t pull too many punches and is somewhat predictable. Instead though, the focus in on the characters and how they grow and evolve, reinventing and discovering themselves and what their motives really are. It can get a bit boring, but I think that’s only a result of a poor budget and not getting word until the second to last episode that Showtime was going to renew them for another season.

Regardless, watching how the CIA might really work, and coupled with the constant reminder if Sergeant Brody is really a terrorist or not, provides some really entertaining storylines and possibilities. One word of caution though, there’s a terrible amount of nudity and nasty love making.

I rate this a 9 out of 10 as it truly deserves the many awards that it’s received for its originality and excellent characters.

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