To Open Or Not To Open?

I obviously opened it, my biggest loser first place prize. The predicament lied in the fact that my wife has an ipad2, although I never touch it, and aside from email, facebook, and internet browsing, I could still use my iphone for all of that. So why should I open it? I contemplated either giving it to my wife and selling her ipad2, or selling this new ipad3 and using some of the money to purchase a PS3. But in the end I chose to experience the fruit of my 3 month labor by indulging myself with this beautiful piece of innovation.

My primary reason for opening it is because sometimes I can’t sit down and surf while taking care of CJ, and browsing on the iphone can get quite annoying. So its functionality and my drive to be connected while watching my son overcame my dilemma. Plus I don’t think it would have sat well with the other participants who contributed to my prize if I had really purchased a PS3 with the proceeds, for I’ve learned the hard way that it’s very insulting to reject anyone’s gift via no thanks, giving it away, or selling it. It’s just not nice. Just accept it and put on a smile. However, I do believe that once a gift has been bestowed, the giver relinquishes all authority concerning how the gift is to be treated or used, for it is then up to the receiver to determine what to do with it. If not so, then the gift was not a true gift, but more in the form of a contract or agreement with no freedom as that of a real gift.

In any case, I try to look at this as a pure gift and not something that I’ve earned, deserved, or even won as there’s a hint of works righteousness in there. This ipad3 is strictly a gift of grace…lol!

I rate this a 9.5 out of 10 because it’s still not a PS3. I will re-review this once I have more time to play around with it and incorporate it into my daily activities to get a better sense of its functionality and usefulness.

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