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Like most people, I purchased the Nintendo Wii on a whim, attracted by the revolutionary motion controls and sensors. For a while, the wife and I had an amazing time playing Super Mario Bros. Wii and World of Goo together, and it was also a great draw to invite friends over to hang out and make fun of each other with Mario Party 8.  The Wii Fit was pretty cool for a while, and as a first-person shooter addict, I also loved House of the Dead: Overkill, shooting monsters and zombies at the comfort of my couch and wide-screen television. It was also nice being able to stream outdated and cheesy Netflix films too.

Nonetheless, it became quickly apparent that the Nintendo Wii wouldn’t last very long because of its graphical deficiencies and lack of mature titles, with no 1080p and its marketing geared more to children and families, although a huge hit at the time, an inevitable failure. Consequently, after a while our Wii began to collect dust and simply became a deadweight fixture next to our television. As the the console aged, there just weren’t any appealing titles that piqued my interest because I wasn’t into Metroid, Link, or even Super Mario Galaxy. So after much thought, and especially after the arrival of our son, we decided to sell our Wii system.

I used to sell a ton of stuff on ebay like video games and Transformers, but their seller fees have skyrocketed over the years as they’ve become more buyer friendly to try to increase sales, that it’s sometimes impractical and more of an inconvenience and not profitable to sell anything on the site, for 11% commission is a lot! I’ve tried selling things on craigslist, but that’s pretty much hit or miss, mostly miss, and not useful if you really want to get rid of the item. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take what you can get and run. Some money is better than no money. Everything is worth $0 until someone actually pays you for it. Many people have an emotional affinity to their belongings and therefore believe their items are worth more than the market value and that’s why many items go unsold because the sellers are greedy and misinformed, so they price their items so high.

One great thing about ebay is that you can view the price of completed listings, sold and unsold, which helps me get a good idea of what the going rate is for my items. So for this particular Wii bundle, system, controls, fit board, and 10 games, I expect to get around $150 + $30 shipping. Disappointing, and I’m hoping for more, but anything above that is unrealistic and would be quite surprising. Oh well, such is life when one chooses to sell their Wii after Nintendo announces their dumb next generation Wii U console.

You can have a gander at this item, as well as my other seven Transformers and useless t-shirts that are currently up for sale, at the link below, but it will disappear after after a few weeks once the auction ends on 7/15. If you’re interested in anything, please let me know 🙂

You can view all of my eBay items here.

Giving a shot with Craigslist here.

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