I’ve always wanted a Dyson, but I’ve never had the guts to throw $300+ at a vacuum cleaner when in fact I’ve been content in using my $39 Dirt Devil upright for over five years. Yes, the suction isn’t great, it spits back small particles, it’s annoying to empty out, bulky to maneuver, and pricey to purchase $20 filters each year, but the total cost and upkeep is still less than a Dyson. Nonetheless, a Dyson is a status symbol that speaks frugality and wisdom of the owner, plus it’s superior to most vacuums.

So I’ve been on the hunt for one for the past few months. Surprisingly, Amazon reviewers give Dysons only above average stars that hover around 3.5, nothing close to 4.5 or 5.0 stars. because some state that the suction isn’t all that great, or it breaks down easily. This got me a but weary, but youtube has excellent review videos and so I settled on sniping for a DC24. The DC25 is bigger and more powerful, but it’s also $150 more and not as compact as the DC24. We don’t have much room or closet space to store stuff in our apartment, so although more powerful, the DC25 wasn’t that appealing anyway.

Amazon has the DC24 for $330, but that’s still above my price range. Even $250 is pushing my limit for a giant yellow ball with a clear plastic container created by some dude with a cool British accent. So then I decided to conduct my research on some daily deal sites and I remembered that woot.com consistently sells refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners of various models every few months. It’s a site that only sells one item for 24 hours and then it’s gone never to be sold again, until a few months later. So I stalked woot.com for a few weeks in June and lo and behold, a refurbished Dyson DC24 went on sale for $199. The discussion comments calmed my fears of a refurb because many people commented to not be afraid of a Dyson refurbished model as they love theirs from previous woots and have had no problems. Perhaps amazon’s Dyson batches are more defective.

In any case, it came in the mail and one of the shipping labels said amazon.com, lol! Oh well, too late now. I was immediately surprised by how little assembly was required, no screws or tools needed, just two attachments to snap on, and also how small it is when its handle is contracted. That got me thinking that perhaps I should have spent the extra $50 for the bigger and more powerful DC25 instead. But after quickly putting it together and testing it out, my first time handling a Dyson vacuum, I must say that I was highly impressed with the model. It’s super light and the giant ball really helps one to maneuver the vacuum in all sorts of impossible directions that common uprights can’t move in. And of course the suction was downright powerful. I vacuumed a small area of a large rug and used it on some hardwood floors for about perhaps 30 seconds and there was already a giant handful of dust and dirt in the bin. Wicked stuff, man.

I am thoroughly impressed with the DC24’s handling and suction. I definitely made the right choice. I rate this a 9.0 out of 10 only because there’s no way for me to review its longevity and reliability.

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2 Responses to WOOT!

  1. esong says:

    I have a Dyson as well. I bought mine used off of Craigslist. Its so amazing. Especially how you get rid of the junk in the container as well as how you clean it. You basically run it under water. Congrats on stepping up your vacuum cleaner game.

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