The Wrong Independence Day

Did you know that July 4th is not our nation’s actual Independence Day? It was on July 2nd that the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and voted their approval to declare their independence from Britain. The document was adopted on July 4th, but some scholars believe that not all of the delegates signed it until August 2nd. Furthermore, the people of Philadelphia waited until July 8th to celebrate our nation’s rebellion, and George Washington, the leader of the Continental Army, wasn’t informed until July 9th. And the British didn’t know all this was going down until August 30th. Some nice National Treasure type of trivia stuff right there. Go look it up.

We began our Independence Day with a nice quaint homemade breakfast. I hadn’t cooked scrambled eggs and french toast since the beginning of my biggest loser competition, so this was quite the treat.

We then trekked upstate to Woodbury Commons for some discounted shopping. The discounts were pretty nice, somewhat close to what one would see during Black Friday. What was beautiful was that we arrived in about an hour and returned home in 45 minutes. Hence, no traffic whatsoever because everyone is either at the beach, somewhere eating at a bbq, traveling, or a combination of all of the former. July 4th is right smack in the middle of bbq season, and so this was an excellent time to do the opposite and go outlet shopping. It was still crowded, but there were plenty of parking spots at 11:30am which is a good indicator that not everyone and their momma were shopping as well. I suppose the logic of memorial day being the kickoff of summer shopping and labor day being the start of fall and back to school sale, leaves independence day sort of left out and the bastard child of all three.

After hitting up our favorite stores, we raced back down to my parents’ house for some good cooking. Our course began with fresh lobster rolls.

Then we were blessed with ribs, potato and macaroni salads, and corn. And we ended our meal with Ralph’s pineapple and coconut ices. It was a great day of eating, shopping, and spending time with the family.

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