We visited CJ’s doctor yesterday for his third round of shots and aside from a few seconds of crying, he did very well. We’ve been feeding CJ rice cereal, his first solids, for two months and now his doctor recommended having CJ start on fruits. We’ve read articles and have friends who advocate both sides of the argument of fruits vs. vegetables first. Our doctor recommended fruit for one month, and then integrate vegetables the next month. Babies are born with a taste for sweets, so the myth of developing a “sweet tooth” is just that. So we went shopping today and chose Plum Organics. We didn’t really do our research and we were just looking for something healthy and organic. We’ll eventually puree our own fruits and veggetables, but we just wanted to get him started quickly.

So we first fed him his milk, stopped when there was about 2/5 remaining and gave him his rice cereal, and then proceeded to introduce apples to him. We were quite surprised to find that he did not like it at all. CJ’s not really one to reject food and this was definitely a first. It was probably a bit too sour and maybe we should have chosen to give him pears or mangoes first, but oh well. We’ll stick with apples for three more days and watch to see if it grows on him or if he’s allergic. Perhaps we should have started with veggies…ha.

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2 Responses to Rottenapples

  1. esong says:

    I heard carrots are good, but what do I know? I only read about babies.

    • msuhu says:

      Yeah, we’ll try vegetables next month. He actually likes the apples now after the first day. Fruits, vegetables, it’s all the same…lol.

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