The 1987 sci-fi film Robocop is a great piece of art that was way ahead of its time. The creation of a cyborg, the conflict between man and cyborg, the political turmoil, all excellent themes that still stand today. What boy doesn’t want to be augmented with an internal retinal targeting system, armor, and a gun in their right thigh. Plus the fact that the story takes itself seriously and isn’t any way campy or cheesy holds up well too. Although unnecessary, the Robocop reboot that will focus on the creation and design of Robocop and his humanity sounds intriguging. I’m just curious to see how they redesign his armor and looks.

In any case, I was perusing ebay and once again I suprisingly won this Figma Robocop figure that was 50% off because the owner lost one of Robocop’s eight interchangable hands, not a big deal when the loss knocks off $20. Aside from Murphy’s cartoonish smirk on his mouth, the figure is highly detailed and accurate and the posability is creatively adjustable. I also love that his gun is huge and one of his hands has his data spike.

I rate this figure a 9 out of 10. Dead or alive you’re coming with me.

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