Wow, that was quick. I figured I’d get my notice after the arbitration case is settled at the end of the month, but apparently not, for I was extremely surprised to find a sealed envelope in my school mailbox and upon opening it I find that I was being made an offer to the new school after just two days from being interviewed.

I’m very delighted to have the opportunity, whether the school closes or not, to return and continue serving the students that I’ve had over the years. Moreover, it’s a huge blessing to not have to stress over this black cloud for the remainder of the summer, to have a job waiting for me in late August is such a relief, for there are so many other colleagues who haven’t even been interviewed yet.

In all, God has been very gracious to me as there’s nothing that I did to deserve this job. I haven’t earned anything because this is pure grace. Simply as that. A huge thank you to my wife, family, and friends who showed genuine concern and asked me how I was doing and prayed for me.

I’m just so amazed. Wow. Praise the Lord!

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