OVER 9000!

I was never really a die hard Dragon Ball Z fan. My fondest memories were during my college days of returning from my afternoon classes and sitting down to watch my daily episode on Cartoon Network. The fighting was pretty lame and there was certainly too much talking and banter going on, but I loved the character progression in how they just kept getting stronger and learning new abilities to match with each new villain. Aside from that and the flashy art, DBZ really didn’t have much going for me. Character-wise I thought Goku was way too soft and Trunks was overrated, but I always rooted for Vegeta, the short impatient competitive guy with an attitude who always sought redemption. I suppose I can relate.

In any case, I found this figure on ebay for significantly less than its average price online because the seller misspelled the product line of the figure. I didn’t expect to win, but I did. I went after this particular figure because of its supreme attention to detail, multiple points of articulation for various poses and stances, and for its interchangeable hands and face for different looks and the like. Sorry, but I’m just too lazy to go and get the extra pieces from my closet and put them on to show you. In the end, it’s a pretty impressive figure, but definitely not worth its regular $35 price tag.

I rate this an 8 out of 10.

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