Over the past decade, LFCC has been participating in the Running Roots softball tournament since its inception. Unfortunately, RR has disbanded, but they graciously handed over their most popular tournaments to various churches and organizations to carry out their ministry work and LFCC was chosen to continue their softball tradition. This was quite surprising and unexpected, but we’re excited and up for the challenge. Thankfully, some of the work from RR’s end has been done for us and so we just needed to build off what they already established. Over the past six months we’ve secured a Parks permit for August 25th at Cunningham field, contacted and reserved our umpires, purchased insurance, edited the rules and registration form, and created a beautiful logo designed by Cheryl. It was a lot of hard work because much of this was done via email, but we got it all completed and registration is now officially open. We hope our first year can be fun and organized for everyone.

To me, playing softball has been more about the camaraderie and teamwork that’s involved, getting to know and playing alongside others that I wouldn’t normally converse with on any given Sunday has been a great blessed over the years. That’s why I keep captain-ing a team each year. Of course it’s stressfully fun to take charge of a team, but I’m willing to put one together for the sake of gathering people and just providing opportunities for everyone to a have commonality so that conversations can open up and fellowship can ensue. Yeah, I want to win, but sometimes that can get in the way of teamwork and doing so wouldn’t make it fun anymore, unless you’re winning.

So hopefully this year’s tournament can continue to be a venue in building kingdom-centered relationships and foster a sense of love and not hate or pride.

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