So last week I ended my day and left school only to be greeted by the above. I was pretty upset because I was already having a terrible day and this just pushed me over the edge. Now this isn’t the first time that my driver side mirror was busted. About a year and half ago the same happened elsewhere, but I was able to order and replace the entire side mirror myself, so I wasn’t worried about getting it fixed. It’s just the inconvenience of driving dangerously without a side mirror while waiting for the fixture to ship and come in the mail, and also the fact that the side of my car wasn’t scratched or dented at all, nor was there any broken glass anywhere has me thinking that a student had kicked the mirror fixture to steal my mirror. Knowing that someone with malicious intent targeted my car and committed such an act is offensive and makes one feel vulnerable. Thankfully we didn’t get into any car accidents while driving in the interim to church and running other errands, and I ended up walking and taking the subway to school and back home which helped me in my biggest loser competition by burning some calories.

I ordered the $30 mirror from a seller on amazon and also got a cheap, but heavy-duty, socket set too.

I first had to disconnect the adapter and then unscrew the nuts to fully take off the remaining part of the mirror fixture.

I then inserted the new mirror fixture, connected the adapter, and then re-screwed everything back in it’s place.

A cheap and quick five minute DIY job. Now I’m debating whether I should continue to walk and ride the subway to work to help burn some calories and save money on transportation costs, or begin taking the car to work again.

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