Save Newtown

With 20+ other NYC schools, my school is slated to close at the end of the school year and reopen the day after on July 1st as a new school. With the closure, about half of the faculty and the entire administration will be removed and replaced. Technically all teachers will be removed and are given the opportunity to interview before a panel for a position in the new school. The DOE says that they can rehire up to 50% of the staff, but who knows what that really means.

This is the DOE’s way to turnaround a school by removing “ineffective” teachers from a struggling school. It’s not fair and unprofessional to lump all teachers together and dismiss them, forcing them to prove before a five-member panel why they want to work in the new school. Unfortunately, no matter how much proof we present or how loud we get, the DOE will have its way and sadly, in a few months, many students will be without their caring teachers and many great teachers will be without a teaching position.

This is sad, truly a sad time in education. Nonetheless, I must continue to work hard for my students and have faith and hope in the Lord that in the end things will work out not for my own convenience or gain, but for His glory.

If you want to read more, click on the link below.

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