So like any Asian, I too am obsessed with Linsanity. I’ve read nearly every article about him published online and in print, and since Lin willed Time-Warner Cable and MSG to kiss and make up, I’ve watched every Knick game since. Like I mentioned in an earlier post about Jeremy Lin, I’ve never been so infatuated with any sports star ever, so my following of Lin is unprecedented and so new to me that it’s gotten to the point where I would like to possess something tangible to validate and prove my fandom of him. In past I would have purchased an autographed ball or a rookie card from ebay, but I am prohibited for numerous reasons from making such a transaction. I am still in the hunt for a JLin t-shirt, but my required size is proving to be more difficult than anticipated. So in the interim, instead of paying top dollar for his autograph, I have fancied the idea of purchasing an official photo of him and then mailing it to him with a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope hoping that he’ll sign it and mail it back to me. There are numerous collectors and websites that do the same exact thing, so such an endeavor can certainly bear fruit with a relatively high success rate ranging from a return within a few weeks or months, but still successful nonetheless.

Sports Illustrated recently estimated the man to be worth about $300 million with his popularity skyrocketing in Asia beyond Linsanity here in the US, but I still hope to score a personalized autograph despite his busy schedule. I also have one for Eli Manning waiting to be mailed out as well.

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4 Responses to SASE

  1. gloria says:

    OMG!!! i would be too asian embarrassed to send it. but more props to you!

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