Turn It Off!

So for Christmas, my parents got us tickets to see Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark on Broadway. They, my sister, and a few of my friends had already seen it and said it was just okay. I’ve been following the production since its inception and was happy when the original director was fired and the story was reworked to be less dreamy and more in tune with the comic. I figured since it had been revised, it must be better…oh how I was wrong.

I really wanted to like this, and I don’t believe my expectations were out of line or too high, but man, this musical was really terrible. There were so many flaws that I don’t understand how such a huge and costly production can be so bad. Wow, where do I begin?

Firstly the vocals and sound were really off. The actors weren’t in sync with each other and the volume of their mics fluctuated greatly. Secondly, the songs were boring and lacked power and emotion. Yes, they were written by Bono and whatever, but who cares when none of the performances were moving or even catchy. Thirdly, the dialogue was bland and predictable, lacking much needed humor and energy. And lastly, and most importantly, the story followed much of Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man film which focused on Peter Parker’s origin story. There were some decent and alterations and revisions, but the major story lines were too similar to the point where I felt like I was watching the DVD, which I did not enjoy. This in itself killed the show for me because I knew exactly what Peter was supposed to be going through and where the story was headed. There were some, but minimal surprises that mattered little to enrich and set it apart from the first film. This doomed the production as it simply rehashed Spider-Man’s already known rise to superherodom.

Of course, the set design, acrobatics, and rope work were top notch and quite refreshing, but it was far overshadowed by its unoriginality. About 30 minutes into the show, I began to get really bored and ended up sleeping through a few numbers. It got to the point where I was sincerely hoping that the Green Goblin would triumph over Spider-Man and kill him. It was that bad, perhaps because it’s meant more for children than adults.

I give this a 3/10.

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