I liked it. I really didn’t want to watch it, and so going into it I hadn’t read the book, watched the Swedish version, or knew anything about the story. I had little expectations other than the fact that it was directed by David Fincher who made Se7en, Benjamin Button, and The Social Network. In most cases, I believe such a manner is the best way to watch a movie…without any assumptions.

I loved that the film was long and took it’s time to establish its characters and build the story. The soundtrack was very good. I’m not sure who composed it, but it reminded me of The Social Network’s drawn out strings that created an atmosphere of intensity and suspense. Rooney Mara played an excellent female lead who should get nominated for best actress. She really transformed herself into the character. I heard that she actually got her nose pierced just for the part. She was like a female terminator who doesn’t take no for an answer. Daniel Craig was fine too. What really held up well was the detective work that the two characters did was old school, no DNA, fingerprint, hair matching, CSI cheating techniques. This was pure detective work that was ironically refreshing in our age of technologically dependent problem solving. It was great to simply watch the two characters slowly unravel the mystery without analyzing bullet wounds or fingernails. Sadly, the film suffers a bit from a lack of danger for the male lead, graphic sexual violence, and the villain is a bit obvious.

In the end, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is an excellent mystery thriller with a great character that can solely carry the series on by herself. If David Fincher chooses to direct the sequel, I’ll be pay money again to see it.

I give this a 9/10.

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