Let me just start out my review by saying this: This film was the best movie I watched in 2011.

Why? Because I cried at the end. I used to be manipulated easily at a younger age to cry when the movie wanted me to, but as I aged, my eyes watered up less and less. This time I didn’t just cry, I was balling…streams of tears flowing down my face, around my mouth, and along my neck. Why is this so significant? Because it means that I was completely and utterly emotionally invested in the story and characters. I had already known that it was a good movie from other reviews, and I even knew the ending, but I still cried. That’s how good it is. I really loved both of Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy’s characters, lost brothers who were seeking hope and their identity in fighting and in the tournament. Each should at least get a nomination for best supporting actor. If you watched the trailer, you can simply guess what the finale entails, but that’s not the only reason why it’s good, for their journey and motives of fighting is so enthralling, that many of its motifs mirror that of the Rocky films, redemption, forgiveness, love, which isn’t a bad thing at all. What this does better than Stallone’s films is that there’s a genuine sense of realism in the story and how each character got there, it’s gritty without the bling and glamour, and lastly the audience becomes afraid for each brother because they’re everyday people, unlike the champ, Rocky, so there’s a fear for the well-being of the brothers. Plus the fighting is amazing, especially Tom Hardy…he’s a beast, and it’s quite obvious why Nolan chose him as Bane to break the Batman.

I’m sure this film won’t appeal to all, but if you love watching underdog films…this movie is for you.

Hands down…10/10, my 2011 movie of the year.

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