MI3 > MI1 > MI4 > MI2

It was okay. Somewhat exciting, some cool gadgets, a few nice nods from previous films, but overall…not intelligent. It was a pretty straight forward action film, and that’s its major flaw. Not many surprises or twists. There were two very specific annoyances: 1) There were two, and probably more, events in the film in which Ethan Hunt’s IMF team makes a decision that has little or no affect on the outcome of the objective because they simply could have not made things so complicated by simply standing aside and letting things play out as intended, their actions became inconsequential to the plot, which in turn implies that these particular scenes in the film were created for the audience rather than the story, and 2) the villain was lame because although he posed a devious threat to the world, Ethan Hunt’s life was rarely in danger at all, so there was not much fear in someone who we’re supposed to hate, for he paled in comparison to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s evil character in 3, which leads me to my biggest complaint: when following up a J.J. Abrams blockbuster hit, one has to go over the top, and  this film was not over the top. I, of course, was comparing each element of this film with its predecessor, and it failed in every aspect. Less action, less emotion, less personal for Ethan, and less intelligent. I sorta figured that Brad Bird, the man who directed Pixar’s Incredibles animated feature, couldn’t top Abrams cause I never liked his Incredibles. I’m a huge Tom Cruise fan, but man…this was super lame and boring. I really don’t understand how this film is currently 93% fresh and is being haled as possibly the best MI film yet.

I think I may change my stance: MI3 > MI1 > MI2 > MI4

I think I rather watch John Woo’s two action scenes from the second film than watch 4 again. Perhaps I’ll just watch MI:3 to get MI:4 out of my mind.

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2 Responses to My MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 Review

  1. talida says:

    Well said, Matt! I feel like I’ve been bashing MI4 since I saw it on Sunday, and in addition to everything you said, a lot of the movie was obviously corny.. but not corny enough to make me laugh at the corniness, just corny enough to annoy me. Our fault was expecting another MI3, which I agree was the best of them all.

    • msuhu says:

      YES! I think towards the end I was sort of hoping that Cruise would die just to make it interesting.

      I really can’t comprehend how these “professional” film critiques keep their jobs.

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