So of course setting up our son’s baby room would require some new furniture. You’ve already seen the crib from two posts ago, so here before you are some construction photos of the dresser from Ikea, and the finished product of our glider/ottoman. I’ve constructed many pieces from Ikea, but this monster had a 30-step instruction manual, really like 44 if you count all the drawers and multiple sides that doubled up as one step.

In any case, this was by far the largest furniture project that I have tackled to date. In the end, it took me a leisurely 5 hours to put this beast together single-handedly. Thankfully, it was a really nice and sunny Saturday, I really didn’t have much to do, and I allowed Pandora to woo me with 80’s music all day long.

Although any middle school student with brains could put a piece of Ikea furniture together, I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to transport two large rectangular boxes weighing a combined 137 pounds from the store, into my car, and into my apartment, and then putting it together…all by myself. All for the glory of baby Suhu!

The allure of such a feat stems from being able to build something, albeit in a very guided manner, of physical significance. The act of building lends to the notion of creation and thereby a mini-god. It just feels so good to build something. Like when I built my monster PC rig…oh man, that was a pure act of grace, but the achievement is way up there. And that got me thinking…what if more things in life were more open and accessible in being built by the common person like Ikea furniture. The cost would be so much less and the item would bring so much more joy in having a personal connection with the buyer. What if we were able to buy the parts and build our own flat-panel LCD tv’s, or iphones, or kitchen cabinets, or even our cars. I understand that there are a means to such that exist at Home Depot or any junkyard, but what if somehow the design and construction of such projects were more streamlined and easier for anyone to build, not just skilled craftsmen or hobbyists within that industry. The possibilities are limitless. The only thing I wouldn’t do myself is design and sew my own clothing…cause that’s just plain embarrassing.

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