Diaper Cake

So my blogging skills were put on hold the past few weeks because of all the planning and preparation for our THREE baby showers at our apartment. Yes, three! We had our small group friends over Friday night, family Saturday, and more church friends Sunday afternoon. CRAZY! In all we had about 85 people celebrate the coming birth of our son.

Of course we wanted to have one celebration with everyone there, but we couldn’t find a cheap and big enough venue to hold all 85+ people and kids, so we were forced to host our own baby showers. We love having people over, so that wasn’t the problem, but having over 20 people gets a bit cramped and hot. So we decided to split up our shower to accommodate our different circle of friends and it worked out pretty well. The most difficult part was organizing and cleaning our apartment because although we moved in in January, we still had plenty of junk in boxes. So we spent the days leading up to the event throwing things out, reorganizing, cleaning, and moving furniture to create a more open and comfortable space. We moved two of our living room leather couches and our dining room table into the second bedroom where we’d serve the food and create a small sitting area, whereby opening up our living room. Thankfully, the plan worked out very well and we didn’t feel cramped at all. Plus another upside to hosting our baby showers was that we didn’t have to transport all of our gifts.

Nonetheless, we were amazed by the turnout and were appreciative and comforted by the love and support of all of our family and friends that came to bless us and our son. People showing their excitement for our unborn son was so touching. He will be loved immensely.

And my sister did a great job of decorating and creating the diaper cake!

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