If you’ve been keeping yourself informed of the latest comicbook news, this past Wednesday was the kickoff for DC Comics’ universe reboot. For the single prize of increased sales and more money, DC’s editors have deemed it profitable to restart the entire DC universe in an attempt to make their titles more accessible and gain new readership. They normally do such things with huge multi-book crossovers of dream team superhero team-ups in response to impending doom caused by some mysterious and powerful new foe out for revenge. In doing so, DC has used such events to rewrite character origins, bring back fallen heroes and release old villains, debut new uniforms, and shed light and modernize long lost DC history. But what makes this reboot different is that they are modernizing, updating, and rethinking every single character’s origin, powers, and relevance, thereby either meshing or negating over 70 years of superhero canon. They are also canceling numerous books and are committed to only publishing 52 titles each month.

That’s insane! What does this mean?! It means that Superman never died at the hands of Doomsday, it means that Batman’s back was never broken by Bane, it means that the Justice League never existed, it means that Lex Luthor was never President of the United States, it means that the Joker never killed Robin and never crippled Batgirl, etc. Such iconic events represent the comicbook industry today, and to erase it all means that the DC editors have failed at meeting the needs and appeal of its readers and have no idea how to write better stories other than to start all over. You know what this means? It means stupidity…and it means I get a chance to purchase a legitimate Batman #1, lol!

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