One of the most enjoyable things that we did in Asia was to go to church in Seoul and Hong Kong. Aside from some theological differences, it was amazing to be able to worship with strangers on the other side of the world…in English, ha! To be able to be welcomed into a foreign church and see that there were other people who believe in the same Lord Jesus Christ was so enriching and eyeopening. Yes, it’s one thing to think about others around the globe who worship Jesus, but to be there and see them and be a part of it was very exciting.

When on vacation, we try either to schedule our departure on Monday and return by Saturday so that we don’t miss a Sunday at home, try to find a local church wherever we are, or simply avoid weekend getaways. Of course there’s always hesitation and a dilemma: Do we “waste” our precious Sunday morning at church when we could be sight-seeing and accomplishing more on our itinerary? Some justify it by saying that they’ll most likely never return and so they need to “maximize” their time at this location. Others become too picky and deem it too “difficult” or nonexistent to find such a church that fits their beliefs or denomination. But from what we’ve experienced, the good Lord has always led us to wonderful places of worship. Moreover, the more I go, the more I look forward to the blessing. I’m sure Tim Keller would agree that finding a church in a foreign city is a great way to experience that city, and isn’t such the objective of most vacations (aside from visiting friends and relatives)?

But of course, we don’t do this simply for the experience or rush, but because Jesus is worthy. And just because I go on vacation doesn’t mean that my faith should too. In the end, every time we walk out thanking God for leading us to such a house of worship, we are even more thankful and appreciative for our church back at home.

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