Chin Han

So that tall building in the center is the structure that Batman flies into in The Dark Knight to apprehend Lau in Hong Kong, and the pointy building to the right of it is the building he jumps off from.

During our trip, one of our friends asked us if we wanted to to go around the island to sight-see and look at the architecture. I said I didn’t really care much for it and she asked why.

With the advent of photography, video, film, and the internet, such technology makes it possible for anyone to practically look at or watch anything in the world without leaving their home. Why do I need to spend my time looking up at tall buildings or labor climbing steps and mountains to see ocean views when I can do such things from the comfort of my computer chair? Back before the world was connected, rich folks would vacation to actually see things their eyes had yet to behold, visit places that they had only heard or read about. Nowadays, vacations are comprised of a combination of sight-seeing, shopping, experiencing, having fun, and tons of fooding. So rather than look at buildings, I prefer to shop, eat, or ride roller coasters. Some would equate my high of looking at completed gundam models in store windows to looking at architecture, but at least I can purchase and build a gundam. I can’t purchase and build the Great Wall of China or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Perhaps the experience is more like a theme park ride for some.

In any case, technology these days unfortunately minimizes the excitement from seeing such wonderful sights in person. Yet, I suppose, it’s still good to visit such cities and places, not just so that one can check it off their to-do list, but to allow such experiences to be mediums of enjoyment with company that they cherish.

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