Did You Feel That?

I was watching an old episode of Breaking Bad on my PC when I noticed my monitor shaking. I thought it was construction from outside, but it sounded a bit too far off to cause any rumbling. I leaned back in my chair to zoom out and my monitor was swaying left and right. I then looked to my right at the floor lamp and it was rocking wildly. It stopped for a moment and I thought earthquake? But it’s so quiet, there aren’t any car alarms going off. Then the shaking began again and I started feeling dizzy, and that’s when I knew I had better get out of the apartment building quickly. But of course I had to first write a post on facebook: “EArthquake”?

Dressed in a tank top and basketball shorts, I quickly grabbed my cell phone, wallet, and apartment and car keys, put on my flip-flops, locked up and began to run down the five flights of stairs. A woman upstairs on the sixth floor must have heard me locking up and poked her head out over the stairwell railing and asked me if I felt the shaking. Once we confirmed that we weren’t nuts, she went back up to get her keys and cell and I ran down the stairs to the front of the building. We gathered outside only to find that we were the only ones. No one else seemed to be frightened or the least bit concerned about anything. Perhaps it was simply just our building, but still scary. We decided to inform our superintendent and were on our way when a man and an elderly woman came out of another building and both said they felt the shaking too. We all tried our cell phones, but none seemed to connect. Another man came out of my building and asked what we were all talking about. He said he was taking a shower and didn’t feel a thing, but his dog was barking intensely. We all tried our cell phones once again, and nothing. I then updated and checked my facebook news feed and that’s when we all were able to confirm that we had indeed experienced a 5.8 earthquake from Virginia, and we weren’t alone either.

In the midst of all the chatter, I began to look around at our little group of survivors. There was the dark-skinned woman who lived one floor above me, the elderly woman who was in a bit of shock (the man she came out with had walked off), the middle-aged man with a mustache who had showered, and also an Asian mother and teenage daughter who happened to wander to our group for comfort from another building. And then there was me, the short Asian guy who spoke perfect English. This was a diverse group of individuals from varying backgrounds, much like what Hollywood prefers, but who would be the hero or heroine? Me? Asians are only good for intelligence, factoids, and comedy relief. The middle-aged mustache man? He’s too nice of a guy and a bit aloof. The elderly woman? Zombie bait. The dark-skinned woman? Perhaps. If she was strong-willed enough and had a goal or someone to save, then yes. She also seemed intelligent enough to notice the earthquake and had the confidence and brains to get out early enough. Or maybe my quest into Manhattan to rescue my wife from impending danger would suffice and sell ample movie tickets to surpass the budget and make a profit. I think tickets sales would be boosted if I broke out a few martial arts moves in the trailer.

After we all deemed it safe to return to our respective domains, I tried calling my wife at work again and thankfully I got through and informed her of my entire ordeal. I then tried calling my sister and grandparents in Rego Park, but I couldn’t get through, and neither could I contact my parents who were on vacation in Seattle. So I left again and drove over to my parent’s house and thankfully they were all okay. My grandparents had no idea.

In any case, I felt that I acted decently well enough with my circumstance in getting out quickly. Perhaps too quickly, for I forgot to take my emergency radio/light that I recently purchased after watching 2012. It would have been hilarious for the group to actually watch me crank and try to listen to the airwaves in the aftermath of nothing. I think I shall order a few of the other survival equipment that I pegged on my Amazon wish list. I do like Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Knife set.

And yes, this earthquake was nearly nothing of concern, and the entire nation was laughing at us, but when things and buildings are shaking, no matter how violently and how long, that’s no laughing matter.

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